Real time courier promotion

The on-demand industry is growing rapidly, becoming crowded and extremely competitive. Lacuna eBoards and eBoxes (bicycles and mopeds) provide the opportunity for courier companies to promote themselves and their vendors. They also bring in new revenue streams to pay their drivers more. See our video below:

Real-time content, delivering multiple revenue streams


Lacuna manages the Content Management System (CMS) for the solution, bringing couriers appropriate content in real-time. Using information provided by the courier we can work together on adding value to all vendors, existing and future. Picking up and delivering a meal from a restaurant? Promote that restaurant as you do so. 

Full solution

We provide efficiently designed mobile digital display units for both bicycles and mopeds. Lacuna's software can be configured to integrate with courier systems so that from pick-up to delivery, the courier's client's logo will be displayed. We provide the whole solution, from production and distribution, to content management and hardware maintenance.