The data capture unit (DCU)

Putting data in the hands of the population is a must for the growing, smart city. Our metropoles are exciting, fast moving, cultural places but this comes at a cost to the environment, our commuting times and our standard of living. For us, a city will be truly 'smart' when everyone has access to live, relevant information when they need it, leaving the rest of the day free to enjoy the beauty of cities.

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How a population moves throughout the day, and how this evolves over time is vital for future city planning. We are moving more, so how we get from A to B and what we see in between is important.

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With 70-80% of carbon emissions coming from our cities, the population need to ensure they are playing their part in reducing the damaging effects of the air that we breathe, every day. 

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Is it a bus, is it a bike, is it green, is it safe, is it cost effective? Transit information is not just about what journeys are made, but how they are made. We look at travel insights to inform the moving city.