We all have a medical identity. But if we can’t access it then we can’t learn, develop and live healthier lives. To achieve this we need a system that ensures security by design, controlled access and global interoperability. 

We are using scalable blockchain technology to create a global health passport for everyone. By unifying health information, we will allow a single source of truth for medical professionals, patients, medical research, insurance, pharmacies and advanced technologies to deliver precision medicine to all corners of our planet.

Lacuna Health is the decentralised healthcare ecosystem.


Security & Privacy
Using cutting-edge Blockchain technology

Data confidentiality and integrity meet a P2P system of algorithmically enforced trust.

allowing data sharing across the network

Using a decentralised architecture we allow data to speak to each other across the UK. 

for patients and medical professionals alike

Bringing healthcare closer to the patient, and patients closer to the doctors.

“the real benefit of AI in healthcare lies in its ability to help standardise behaviours and protocols to reduce differentiated outcomes and treatments for patients. Key to realising this is fully integrated electronic health and social care records to provide a full picture of the patient.”
- Dr. Lydia Drumright, Lecturer in Clinical Informatics, University of Cambridge